PENTAPUZZLE is published and funded by Skrubbeltrang & Platz Ltd, a small husband-and-wife company run by Morten Skrubbeltrang and Pernille Platz Skrubbeltrang.

PENTAPUZZLE was conceived early 2012 by Pernille, as a way of dusting off her masters degree in software development after giving birth to five kids and being on and off maternity leave for almost a decade.

Game design, data modeling and specification of requirements was done by Pernille while audio programming and fresh coffee was made by Morten.

Software Development was done by the skilled people at TechAhead.

Game music and sounds were composed by Matthew Herbert.


Game feedback: Twitter_Icon  |  Facebook_Icon  |  support@pentapuzzle.com

PR and business inquiries: info@pentapuzzle.com

For software outsourcing projects please contact TechAhead