App Store Submission – First Feedback

Oculus App Store Error

Finally! After 43 days of nail biting waiting I just received feedback from the Oculus team on the initial submission of PENTAPUZZLE.

Unfortunately PENTAPUZZLE is not yet ready to be accepted for the App Store, but luckily the issues are minor. Most importantly the team found my code well performing and bug free!

The only critical issue found was that PENTAPUZZLE currently requests unneeded rights.

This is simply caused by me being new to Unity and Oculus programming. I just need to identify how to remove the requested rights and re-compile. This shouldn’t take too long to fix but unfortunately puts me on hold again with the Oculus App Store review team.

App Store Review

Another, non-critical issue was caused by the inclusion of 32-bit libraries. I have no idea what the problematic libraries do – another dumb error caused by my lack of experience with Unity and Android/Oculus programming.

How to Fix “Please remove all unnecessary permissions”

After a few minutes of googling I found out that the issue is related to the inclusion of the Oculus Integration Package. This contains some sample code that references sound recording.

As I had only included the Oculus Integration package to build an App Store compatible AndroidManifest.xml file, the simplest solution was to scrap it from my project again. I’m entirely depending on Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit and the AndroidManifest.xml file is not removed from the plugin folder by the removal of the Oculus Integration Package.

After the update I verified in my headset that the permission request had disappeared. So I bumped the version number, rebuilt my .apk file and uploaded it to Oculus. Problem solved.

The response was fast and I expect PENTAPUZZLE to be available in App Lab shortly. Stay tuned 🙂