Oculus Development Kit Well Received

Thanks Oculus

Exactly one month after being accepted to the Oculus Start Program, I received my development kit today.

As promised it contained a brand new Quest 2 headset – only the 64 GB version but that should cover my needs. The PENTAPUZZLE Demo sits well below 100MB.

The package also contained a five meter Oculus link cable, and a nice hoodie. The hoodie was a female edition so I quickly handed it over to my wife.

On top of that the package held a pair of Oculus socks(!) and a small notebook (like, a paper one).

Oculus Start Program Package

(Apart from these physical goods, I have already received a one year license to Unity, access to closed developer forums and complimentary support tickets with Oculus experts.)

A free headset is definitely awesome! Even though it doesn’t exactly make out for a great salary considering the hours I put into developing PENTAPUZZLE so far, it carries an important message.

I actually think it’s highly motivating to receive these goods. It really makes you feel part of the growing VR movement. And it makes you want to put even more time into the development.

I had a ton of fun making the initial PENTAPUZZLE Demo (which by the way should be available on App Store in a matter of days/hours). VR programming is just such a trip and it’s wonderful to feel noticed!

If you’re considering joining the party – jump aboard! The Oculus Start Program is not going to last forever so start hacking away.

Virtual Reality is just getting started!