Oculus Start – Boost Your VR Application Development

Oculus Start Program

Really excited to be accepted in the Oculus Start program as of today!

The Oculus Start program is an initiative by Oculus meant to help developers complete their application development faster.

Oculus has teamed up with Unity in order to offer members multiple benefits:

  • A hardware development kit (Oculus Quest headset, controllers and link)
  • A one year license for Unity
  • Vouchers for the Unity Asset Store
  • Official Oculus Start Discord Channel access
  • Access to ten (10) instances of dedicated Technical Support
  • GDC Vault Access
  • Launch Support

For indie developers like myself this can be the difference between make and break.

It’s a great motivation to know that you have a team of highly experienced developers standing by in case of technical issues.

Additionally, when PENTAPUZZLE is eventually (hopefully) launched in the official Oculus App Store, it will be nice to have some support to avoid the drowning experience from the iPhone App Store launch in 2012.

Apply Now to Join the Oculus Start Program

If you’re developing an application for Oculus Quest make sure to review the Oculus Start program:

You’ll find a description and application link here.

The application takes only a few minutes. At the time of applying I already had submitted my game to Oculus App Lab and I assume doing the same will help your qualification to succeed.