Game Info

PENTAPUZZLE is a VR game where you must solve puzzles using 12 individually shaped puzzle pieces. Each of the pieces is made of five squares connected edge-to-edge.

At first sight the puzzles of PENTAPUZZLE may seem quite easy but complexity ramps up as larger and more complex challenges are introduced.

The game is set in an endless and weightless void. The movements of the puzzle pieces incorporate playful physics and fun controls that you can explore if you get temporarily stuck with the puzzles.

The music is a piece of art in itself and is composed by Matthew Herbert and Sam Beste. Matthew Herbert is a much respected musician, composer and audio-experimental artist. He has produced albums with Björk, Roisin Murphy (Moloko) and many more. Sam Beste is a gifted musician and composer, has toured extensively with the late Amy Winehouse and is involved in numerous projects and musical genres. Together they have composed an interactive soundtrack for PENTAPUZZLE that responds in subtle ways to the progress made in the various puzzles.

Oculus Quest
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